We use our expertise to create inspiration and ambition through our projects.
INEX is a developing foundation with extensive expertise in the field of design, construction, marketing and sales on the real estate market.

The company's mission is to create a consistent and comfortable residential environment, which meets the requirements of a demanding audience, fostering high and invariable living standards.
Our virtues
International experience
Five-star hotels, alpine chalets, mansions in European capitals, luxurious residential complexes - INEX features implemented areas of premium-grade real estate amounting to tens of thousands of square metres, and a comprehensive experience in long-lasting endeavours with leading consultants and architects. A perfect batch of competences for tailoring a committed residential environment.
Land Hunters
The location and surroundings are a meaningful aspect of success for a developer project.
The choice of land is preceded by a multifaceted analysis and collecting information about the area's development. The configuration of land plots, their neighbourhood, the wind rose, the traffic and ambient noise levels all undergo systematic evaluation. A fundamental principle of the company is to implement projects only on its own land plots.
The INEX mission is to create an impeccable product worthy of inspiring its owners. The company therefore devotes special attention to developing unified project concepts, enabling our endeavours to match the audience's values and demands perfectly. Such a strategy defines the keynote of each project, bringing together architecture and interior design, landscaping and our facility management service package.
We create state-of-the-art projects, fulfilling the dreams of homes of tomorrow. Homes, which can meet the highest demands.