An EU passport
is an efficient instrument of international tax planning. It is a financial information confidentiality provision and an increase in personal security. An EU passport grants freedom of movement and makes the best education and health insurance services. It is a wise decision and a good investment in your future and into the future of your family and children.
Scheme for Naturalization of Investors in Cyprus by exception
The Republic of Cyprus has developed a program of drawing foreign investments into the country's economy, which enables any individual to apply for citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus in return for investments made on certain conditions.
The concept is extremely simple: the applicant and his family members, having made a one-time investment of 2 million EUR by purchasing real estate on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus (important: excluding the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) will be granted an opportunity to initiate the procedure of obtaining the country's citizenship. The process consists of checking the applicant's identity and sources of income, and, in case of success, a series of paperwork procedures.

The conditions of the program presume the possibility of selling part of the obtained real estate amounting to 2 million EUR after a five-year ownership period and retaining the ownership of a facility with a value of 500'000 EUR.
Advantages of citizenship in
the Republic of Cyprus:
    • Minimum timeframes
      Obtaining citizenship within the scope of 6 months
    • A program for the whole family
      The program involves the investor, spouse(s), children under the age of 28, parents
    • A citizen of the world
      A passport of the Republic of Cyprus provides visa-free access to 173 countries
    • European education
      Availability of schools and universities in any EU country
    • Return on investment
      An option of investment withdrawal after 5 years
    • For everyone
      The program is available for individuals of all nationalities
    • Double citizenship
      The passport program of the Republic of Cyprus allows you to keep double citizenship
    • Convenient issuance
      Only one visit for collecting biometric information is required

    Historic note:

    The program "Citizenship by investment" was adopted by the Cyprus government immediately after the banking crisis of 2013 and has become one of the crucial factors of a dynamic recovery of the island's economy.

    The initiative of the Cypriot authorities has become a popular means of obtaining EU citizenship: in 2014 around 400 investors used this opportunity, in 2015 their numbers grew to 700, in 2016 - to 900, and in 2017 it surpassed the 1000 person threshold.