7 Titanide villas are located in the centre of the built-up area with a view of the valley.
Villa Titanide
A spacious inner courtyard lets you create a perfect place for a children's playground or equip a private leisure area. On purchasing this villa you acquire liquid real estate, where you can spend the summer weekends or live all year round.

Villa parameters:
Common area
236 sq.m
Area of the plots
500 - 720 sq.m

Indoor area
129 sq.m
Covered terrace area
22 sq.m
Roof garden area
20 sq.m
The interiors of the villas are an embodiment of barefoot luxury philosophy. A feeling of tranquility is backed by soft, almost completely imperceptible lighting: spotlights, furniture and cornice backlighting. The texture of the matte stone floor, velvety surfaces, which resemble white sand, the rugged linen of upholstered furniture and the light, almost weightless fabric of the drapery emphasise a colourful mediterranean style.
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