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About us
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About us
INEX is built on a strong passion for real estate and improvement in living standards
We make projects that are different from the standard ones due to human-centricity - an intelligent approach to planning public and private spaces by infusing them with services and modern technologies.

For many years now, we have taken a responsible and individual approach to our projects — from choosing a location to arranging every corner.
Our expertise
INEX brings to each individual project multi-sector expertise and a tailored approach
Over years we have achieved extensive expertise in the field of design, construction, marketing and sales on the real estate market.
We cooperate with the leading European architectural workshops, applying cutting edge engineering technologies and the most sophisticated and innovative design solutions.
Site selection
Perfect locations with picturesque panoramas and accessibility to all vital infrastructure objects.
An outstanding build quality.
Our vision
INEX is a modern look at a conservative segment — development
We tend to blend cutting edge technology, unique design, and harmony with nature in each of our projects. We believe the quality of life is tightly interwoven with the space around us. We create places that inspire, enhance, and expand possibilities. INEX cares for people and the environment; our projects reflect our rapid evolution and our ambition to be at the forefront of progress.
Our values
With a strong foundation built upon a set of core values, we have established ourselves as a premier choice for those seeking opulent living spaces that transcend the ordinary.
We embrace innovation as the cornerstone of our projects. Every development we undertake is a canvas upon which we paint modern masterpieces, combining cutting-edge architecture, advanced technology, and forward-thinking design to craft homes that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.
We take our responsibility seriously. Our homes are designed with sustainability in mind, integrating eco-friendly practices and technologies to reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to the well-being of the planet and our community.
Client focus
We create an environment that fulfills one's dreams and generate an emotion of complete comfort. Your satisfaction is our driving force, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your journey with us is seamless and fulfilling.
Our projects are thoughtfully designed to offer a limited number of residences, ensuring that each homeowner experiences a sense of exclusivity, privacy, and serenity in their new abode.
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